Player Prefab


The Player prefab has been extended from the SteamVR Interaction System, and now supports key features such as dynamic body colliders, terrain detection, wind feedback, and camera motion smoothing.


To begin using Moon Motion and set up locomotions for your player, you will need to first put the Player prefab into your scene (Assets/Plugins/Moon Motion Toolkit/Player/Player.prefab). If you are using the provided empty scene to start from, that's all there is to it, the player should already work. Although you may want to throw down some terrain to move around on before you test out the player's locomotions.

Alternatively, you can start testing from one of the toolkit's example scenes, which both already have an instance of the Player prefab you can edit.

If you are using some other scene (which may include cameras and audio listeners to begin with), you'll want to make sure the player has priority over any of those (probably by simply deleting them).

Once you have got a Player prefab in your scene of choice, you probably want to drag it back into your assets view to create your own copy of the prefab so that the original is maintained for reference.


Customize your Player through the inspector, via drag-and-dropping, checkboxes, and dropdowns. Most importantly, the Player's hands have Locomotions Cyclers, upon which the locomotion combinations can be defined.