Gravity Zone

Prefab Locomotion

The Gravity Zone locomotion is a prefab locomotion. Since it is not a hand locomotion, it is not controlled by any input from either hand of the player. An indefinite number of Gravity Zone instances can be present. Also unlike the hand locomotions, instances are only affected by Locomotions Cycling if they have been manually included in one of the Locomotions Cycling locomotion combinations.

Gravity Zone

A Gravity Zone is defined by a trigger collider. It can be in the shape of a box or sphere. Once enabled, it applies a specified force vector to the player and any rigidbodies or particles inside.

You may enable a renderer for a gravity zone, or opt to keep it invisible. It could reside in the space above a rectangular platform, implied by the platform. Or it could even encompass the entire playable area. However, the latter would be redundant with the project's gravity setting.

While the project's gravity setting still has an effect and is considered by most aspects of the toolkit, usually when using gravity zones to create a zero-gravity experience, you will want to zero the project's gravity vector instead of trying to cancel it out with an all-encompassing gravity zone applying an opposite vector.

Having many gravity zones, especially set to affect particles, can be performance-intensive. This is a good area to look at optimizing. However, gravity zones are already practical for most purposes.

A gravity multiplier by which Gravity Zones affect the player can be toggled via the Gravity Multiplying locomotion.

Gravity Zones' forces can optionally be flipped when using the Flipping locomotion.