Booster Force Applier

Booster Module

The Booster Force Applier is a module of the Boosting locomotion; it provides a particular functionality for its parent Booster. If it is disabled or removed, then the relevant boosting functionality will behave as by default. Most modules can optionally affect change globally (for both hands' Boosters). Booster modules can also depend upon conditions specified by their dependencies settings.

Booster Force Applier

The Force Applier is responsible for applying force when boosting. Force application can be toggled.

Depending on the force depth (shallow or deep), the amount of force applied is different. Force depth depends upon input depth, such as the depth a trigger is pressed. The amount of force to apply can be set for each force depth.

The amount of force applied also determines the amount of fuel used.

A threshold can be set for the minimum amount of fuel that must be in the Fuel Supply before applying the deep force instead of the shallow force. This is useful for staggering deep boosting applications across time, in the case that the player is holding down the input deeply for a while.

The direction of the force applied (relative to the Relativized transform) can be chosen.

You can also setup input to toggle force application.