Create Moving Experiences

Tweak and Customize

Alter the Physics

Multiply gravity. Dampen inertia. Apply curves to forces and sensitivities. Enable jumping to work in midair. Direct treading via the headset instead of the hand. Modulate booster fuel. Diminish boosting forces as they raycast terrain from farther away – or cause certain terrain layers to pull the player instead. Devise new movement mechanics!

Assign Controls

Do you prefer to fly with the trigger or touchpad? Or perhaps both? Define a set of recognized controller inputs for each locomotion, cycler, and module.

Combine Locomotions

Drag-and-drop locomotions into sets. Mix the treading, turning, and jumping locomotions together to realize the Skyrim VR movement scheme. Fuse boosting and skiing together and you have Tribes Ascend in VR. Discover tandem interactions between previously separate locomotions. What permutations have yet to emerge?

Choose Procedural Audio

Audio components play procedurally according to movement and context, from footstep foley to gravity zone entry; these audio assets can all be swapped out.

Create Your Own Motion

Extend the base Locomotion classes to write your own. Hand locomotions have direct access to the relevant hand and its inputs. Cycle your locomotion along with the vanilla ones. Better yet, contribute to the repo to make yours become vanilla!

Git Started

Out of the Box

Tested to work with Unity version 2018.1.0f2.